This time again…

Year 6 :   “WAWAWAWA!!! ,he stole my lego!!!!!”.
              “Now,Timmy give Tammy back her lego”
             Oh no back to this again…
Rain monitoring!!! I was so looking forward to this privilege  LAST YEAR!!! Save me please!! Can't wait till I am done with this.
Why does it have to rain ,now?

Year 5 :”Ahhh this is the life,not having to put up with those little whining devils”.Man I love wet days they are the best #livingthelife!
Ah! lay back and relax, draw,sing the options are endless,lucky i'm not one of those year 6’s they have got it tough.”

But to be honest rain monitoring is not that bad, in fact It’s good to interact with the young kids it takes me back to my early days


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