Rain Monitoring
The old man went to bed, bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morning - that’s what the year six’s wish THEY  could do. Just as the year six’s are enjoying their lunch the dreaded ring of the rain bell goes and the rare sound of the year six’s moaning can be heard all over the school. The year six’s, then have to brave the cold of the outside weather. The year six’s slowly walk to their assigned classrooms trying to delay having to look after the truly horrifying monsters AKA THE LITTLE KIDS.
Years 1, 2, 3 and 4s are the so called monsters that we have just mentioned, we call them monsters because of multiple reasons. This time last year we were so looking forward to being rain monitors… little did we know what was ahead... (don’t tell the year fives what’s ahead. Those monsters can actually turn into angels, miraculously…  
From Two Experienced Rain Monitors
Olivia Fell & Olivia Perry
No year 6's! Finally it’s raining we have the classroom all to ourselves its year six free! You’re probably wondering why were so excited about it raining, well not only is it year six free, us year fives get the whole class to ourselves. We get to play games, draw, read and do cartwheels just joking but, the year 6's have to look after the year 0-4. We guess year fives are pretty lucky. To end this blog we’ll tell you a good joke to change your mind about weather……. Q. When does it rain money? A. When there's a change in weather,lucky year 5's….unlucky year 6's.
By: Trinity & Rosa
This time again…
Year 6 :   “WAWAWAWA!!! ,he stole my lego!!!!!”.               “Now,Timmy give Tammy back her lego”             “NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”              Oh no back to this again… Rain monitoring!!! I was so looking forward to this privilege  LAST YEAR!!! Save me please!! Can't wait till I am done with this. Why does it have to rain ,now?

Year 5 :”Ahhh this is the life,not having to put up with those little whining devils”.Man I love wet days they are the best #livingthelife! Ah! lay back and relax, draw,sing the options are endless,lucky i'm not one of those year 6’s they have got it tough.”
But to be honest rain monitoring is not that bad, in fact It’s good to interact with the young kids it takes me back to my early days
It’s raining its pouring the kids are all roaring!
“STOP! Noooooo! Don’t touch that!”
Yes it’s rain monitoring time again oh no ( sigh! ). On rainy lunch and morning tea’s the year six’s are sent on a brave mission to look after the dragons. just joking year 0-4 students ( though they act like dragons. yes they bite! ) but once we tame them they become little angels. So the next time it’s raining put your fireproof clothes on!


Room8 are going hard with their St Vincent De Paul can drive donations. We have a whopping 70 cans on our window sill. We are not trying to be competitive but we think we have the most. Well actually we do have the most but that's not the point we are doing this can drive for people for Christmas. Mostly the people less fortunate or people who can’t afford food for their families.

By Tommy

Mary MacKillop

Room 8 students enjoyed the research side to locating these quotes about Mary MacKillop.


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